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The Mandingo Blonde

My name is Mandi and yes, I'm one of those white women who is addicted to:

Big Black Cock !!!

I met Art and the Florida Mandingos a long time ago.

I was wild about having sex with well hung black men before but now I really can't get enough !!!

My Bio

Hi there! My name is Mandi and I am the typical American wife, mother, and grandmother with one great exception, I have become an insatiable whore for Big Black Cock!
I grew up in the sunshine of California and led a very normal, slightly repressed, childhood and teenage years. The most sex I ever had in high school was some heavy petting with a few of my boyfriends. There was no doubt in my mind that I had a very strong sex drive. The only way I expressed this sexuality was by fantasizing about having sex with some of the black boys at my high school. I should have known what was to come!
After high school, I went to a local college where I met a really great guy who I just knew would be my soul mate and my life partner. After dating for a short period of time, we decided to go ahead and make our relationship permanent and we were married soon thereafter.
For the next 20 years, I led the life that every gal wishes she could have. Raising children with a loving husband in the suburbs of San Francisco really did seem like the American Dream!
For both my husband and I, there was always a vague feeling that a certain excitement was missing from our lives. Our sex life was good however it had become rather mundane and routine. My husband had heard about a resort in Jamaica called Hedonism II and convinced me to give it a try.
Going to "Hedo" was truly an eye opening experience for us both. During our stay, we were exposed to the open sexuality of swingers and exhibitionists. The true turning point of my sex life occurred...READ THE REST OF MY STORY IN MY MEMBER'S AREA !!!

My Videos

    One of my favorite things to do is to have sex while I am being filmed. I get soooo excited that, believe me, there is NO acting necessary! They are very high quality streaming videos! Of course, my members cand and do suggest scenes that they would like to see!


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